Z invited us to his big bungalow to see his luxury cars, we were impressed by his wealth. However, according to our friend, a Financial Consultant’s record, till this day, every company which teamed up with Z in project matters either suffered huge losses / damage or become insolvent…

My beloved Guardian Angel whispered into my ears, ‘Do not imitate him. He never pays equitably for goods or services supplied to him. If he is not going to undergo a “180 degree transformation”, he would end up being a “smashed potato” for all eternity.’

I don’t want to become a “smashed potato”!        - A Wise Teacher

Extracted from Sirach 34 (Encouragements-4):

18 The sacrifice of an offering unjustly acquired is a mockery; the gifts of the impious are unacceptable. 

19 The Most High takes no pleasure in offerings from the godless, multiplying sacrifices will not gain pardon for sin. 

20 Offering sacrifice from the property of the poor is as bad as slaughtering a son before his father's eyes. 

21 A meagre diet is the very life of the poor, to deprive them of it is to commit murder. 

22 To take away a fellow-man's livelihood is to kill him, to deprive an employee of his wages is to shed blood. 

23 If one person builds while another pulls down, what will they get out of it but trouble? 

24 If one person prays and another calls down a curse, to which one's voice is the Master going to listen? 

25 If someone washes after touching a corpse, and then touches it again, what is the good of his washing?

26 Just so with someone who fasts for sin, and then goes and commits it again. Who is going to hear that person's prayer? What is the good of the self-abasement?

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22 September 2013

22 September 2013