We are glad to hear the following News reported on 4 March 2015:

“SINGAPORE: The State Courts Centre for Dispute Resolution, which consolidates alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services involving different aspects of the law, was officially launched on Wednesday (Mar 4) by Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon.”

See related reports in Channel NewsAsia and Channel 8.

You asked, ‘Is there still a cheaper way to claim back the non-payments or to rebut spurious claims for my projects?’

Yes, when you are able to have good and reliable Claims and Legal Consultants assisting you in your projects.

Why pay more to arrange for third party Mediation, Arbitration and even Litigation to resolve your claims issue when it can be resolved quickly?

You asked, ‘How to go about it ?’

Consult us and we will protect your Company from concluding a potentially “toxic” contract, where it was drafted unfairly to your detriment, help you to claim back your non-payments or delayed payments, related Variations, Extension of Time Claims and claims on Loss & Expense.

We have always drafted claims documents substantiated with sound technical, contractual and legal arguments to ensure the claims matters could be resolved quickly.

The only condition: You need to approach us quickly when your projects are facing problems, so that we could assist you to repair the damage. If you let the matter drag for a long time (e.g. after you have agreed with the other party the final accounts), then it could end up beyond repair. You know this could mean huge financial losses, because you have somewhat unknowingly fallen into the trap that the other party has set up for you. You need to aware that there are times when you are working hard on the project, the other party is also busying finding ways and means to prevent you in obtaining equitable payments!

This is the question for you: ‘Why do the projects when you can’t break even financially?’


This is the real Commercial World, the people who survived, made profits and having a sound business image are the ones who have  honest and competent Professionals to help them. Look around in the market to convince yourself !

You continued, ‘But what if the other party still refuses to settle the claims matter and wants to drag this to Mediation, Arbitration or Litigation?’

If we are helping you in the case, then we would have ensured that even the other party wants to drag this far, you would have good chance of winning. We would not engage in any Client’s work if there is no possibility of success even outside legal proceedings.

Good, let them start the proceedings and waste money. We will help you in drafting the Affidavits, the arguments or defence. Let the Arbiter order them to pay you whatever that is your due. Isn’t it perfect?


Written by: Emmanuel & Maria International Consultants LLP, 5 March 2015


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5 March 2015